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These are unique and exciting times for MMORPG gamers as almost all MMO's are going Free to Play or offering a free trial period.
Our focus with the new Mogstat website is to give people an idea what each of these games is like to play. Our plan is to create an initial "Getting Started" Video with a brief introduction to the character creation and the user interface etc. Then get a few mates on the game and make a gameplay video.
We like multiplayer game play videos because it gives viewers a really good idea what it is like to play the game and it is a lot better than just one person droning on. We end up asking each other that sort of question that you may ask yourself when playing the game and that is helpful to viewers.

Can Your PC Play it Online Tool

As time goes on average PC specifications go up, so the number of people able to play MMORPG games goes up. Many people may not realise it but their computer is able to play games that in the past only enthusiast gamers had the kit to play.

So we have developed a really easy way to work out if you can play the game. You simply find out what processor RAM and video card your computer has Click here for Instructions it takes about 30 seconds to find out.

The free online tool determines whether your PC can play each game and displays the result next to each game on the free to play game list here We are able to compare your computer to the minimum game requirements and tell you if you your computer can play the game.

This Weeks Video: Age of Conan Kill Bill !!

Nomaxine gives a lesson in Fatalism to the Captain of Acheron in the Free to Play MMORPG Age of Conan from Funcom

Changes a foot

We have recently moved to a bigger faster hosting company and are rebuilding the website from the bottom up. The aim of the new Mogstat is to provide something a bit different to the average "run of the mill" gaming site.