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Welcome to the MogStat review of APB Reloaded 2012

Just a few weeks after its release APB developers Realtime Worlds was placed into administration. Then the game was purchased by K2 Network and in December 2011 the game was released (again) as APB Reloaded (All Points Bulletin) and Free to Play. So what's it like? ... Its good - much better than I expected, The character creation is good enough to make almost any face, This game takes character customization to a whole new level, we designed our own tee-shirt within half hour.

The Gameplay.. well its multiplayer cop n robbers and its great fun. The game seems to be well balanced, no overpowered weapons of characters, I was able to kill the odd seasoned player. The game runs well and plays well, grouping is extremely easy missions are fun, varied and interesting. So if you fancy upholding the Law or being a criminal type this is the game for you. If you are the creative crafting type then this is the game for you also.

Interface and general playability of the game It's tidy.. Unreal engine is as you would expect Fantastic but the UI and graphics options are all there and all functioning well, it even plugged its self into my Alienwear FX and changes the lighting colours I think it goes red when I'm close to death but I'm to enthralled in the game to check. I've been flipping resolution to make 720p videos and 1080p gaming and its flawless, sounds are great, music is great, although a bit more Reggae wouldn't go a miss ;-)

This is a really fun Free to Play game. - Tich

APB Reloaded screenshot Game: APB Reloaded
Genre: Real Life
Developer: Reloaded Productions
Offer: Free to play
Min CPU: Intel Core Duo T2450 @ 2.00GHz
Min RAM: 2 Gb
Min Graphics: GeForce 7800 GS

APB Reloaded Screenshots

APB Car drifting around corner APB Getting in Car APB Aiming AK rifle APB reloading
APB Running APB All Points Bulletin Reloaded Vasid car jump APB car jump

APB Reloaded 2012 gameplay video

Gameplay video where the dynamic due Nomax and Vasid attempt to win a mission in APB All Points Bulletin Free to play MMOFPS
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