Not Free MMORPG Game Review

Welcome to the MogStat review of DayZ

DayZ is a mod based on ARMA 2 and its 2010 expansion pack, Operation Arrowhead for the PC.

Players are plunged into a fictional Soviet state of Chernarus where a virus has turned the population into aggressive zombies. The player is under pressure to survive almost from the first minute, life expectancy for a new player is measured in minutes. The player must constantly maintain their Food and Drink levels or they will feint and eventually die, Infections can be caught from both zombies and diseased players. When they player is hit by either another player or a zombie then they may begin to bleed and will need a bandage to stop the bleeding, also they may break a bone and be forced to crawl until it is fixed with a morphine injection.

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DayZ Taviana map

Basic Survival Guide

Box of Matches, Hunting Knife, Hatchet and Water bottle is all you need to survive in the forest. Once you have these item, you can fill your water bottle up at lakes and ponds, kill Cows, Sheep etc. with your hatchet, Gut them with your Hunting knife to get Raw meat. You can harvest wood in the forest with your hatchet, make a fire with your matches and the wood, cook the Raw meat and you have Food and Water sorted. Bandages and Morphine-auto-injector are next on the shopping list and are found in hospitals and military Sites.

Now you are well on your way, a base camp with a tent, stocked with spare items is good because when you die you can restock at your camp.

DayZ screenshot Game: DayZ
Genre: Horror
Developer: Dean Rocket Hall
Offer: Not Free
Min CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.40GHz
Min RAM: 1 Gb
Min Graphics: GeForce 8600 GT

DayZ Screenshots

DayZ gameplay screenshot Shipwreck DayZ gameplay screenshot Vehicle Ural Civilian Truck DayZ gameplay screenshot Vehicle British Police car DayZ gameplay screenshot Vehicle SUV black
DayZ gameplay screenshot  Vehicle Ural Millitary Truck DayZ gameplay screenshot Night Vision Scope FAL DayZ gameplay screenshot Vehicle QUAD ATV DayZ gameplay screenshot Lake
DayZ gameplay screenshot Inventory Gear DayZ gameplay screenshot Vehicle Car DayZ gameplay screenshot Lake DayZ gameplay screenshot Lake

DayZ gameplay video

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