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Actor Quest - Cradlecrest Ilse Making it up as a go along New Sets

I’ve created 5 sets & 2 small towns 2 resource biomes and a dungeon cave. These are the first locations in Actor Quest. I’m still designing the workflow but its looking like this: take the big overview map which is 4096 square and select a 512 by 512 section and make a detailed map from it. Redraw the detailed map to the smaller scale adding details missing from the overview map.

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Actor Quest - Character Archetypes Character models made 04 Oct 2023

I’ve had a week or so doing the new character models Azurian Male Female Krystarian and Lysibian. I wanted the females to have big muscles too

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Antarktikos World Map Made the Map 14 Sept 2023

In the Social Roleplay game Actor Quest, players venture into the land of Antarktikos, in modern-day Antarctica. This ancient world, free from ice some 150,000 years ago, presents a captivating backdrop, within this setting you will play one of the three races of Antarcii people.

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screenshot Small Sets Hitherverse Design principle

One of the most important design principles within Hitherverse games is that they take place in Really small Maps or Zones whatever you call them. We call the "Sets" like movie sets for our Actors (players). They'll vary between 250 meters down to 50 meters which is similar to a “Boss Fights” area in other games. Larger sets have plenty of room for resource gathering and dungeons may be significantly bigger.

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Two Azurians Walking Concept Art Galore 19 Sept 2023

Bringing my creative concepts to life on screen is an art made possible through the magic of Stable Diffusion AI. Over time, I've nurtured and cultivated a collection of extraordinary prompts that breathe life into my ideas.

Take these magnificent ice formations sculpted along the northern coast of the Krystalis Zephyr Mountains. They owe their existence to the rhythmic dance of sea winds and temperature fluctuations. It's from this natural spectacle the Krystarians draw their name.

Hitherverse New Logo Made a new Logo 19 Sept 2023

I realized I needed an Icon for the game to go on your desktop so while I was in there I revamped the old logo a little The first game Actor Quest is dominating the website and rightly so it's the top priority but I still want to develop the social network at the same time.


plate Armor A New Direction 15 Sept 2023

While coding the combat system I suddenly realized I didn't like the appearance of my characters anymore, they look fat with all the layers Halberk, Gambeson, Breastplate, and the helmet is covering the face. Something needed to change...

Hitherverse Logo White
About the Hitherverse The Hitherverse isn't just a home for my games; it's a 3D Social Network designed exclusively for PC Gamers.

My vision is to create a place that not only offers stunning visuals but also provides a relaxing escape. Here, you can try your hand at fishing, brew your own mead, or embark on exciting adventures. It's a casual, pressure-free haven where friends can gather, unwind, and have a laugh.

A beautiful environment is not enough, players also need engaging activities to keep them entertained and fuel conversations. This is key to this projects success and where the magic happens.

I am wholeheartedly dedicated to this endeavor and plan to devote the rest of my life to it.

Acting: Playing a role in a compelling story set in an epic landscape with friends will become the premier form of entertainment in the future.
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